Sunday, September 25, 2011

Say Please

I can't wait for October. The fall, the crispy leaves all over the ground, cute sweaters, Halloween (omgomgfreecandy&coolcostumes) and my BIRTHDAY which is the 14th are a few of the things i am impatiently waiting for!

I made a birthday wishlist this year, something i have never done before. I wonder why, its so much fun doing one :D. So yeah, i'll show you guys the things that are on my wishlist;

1. Galaxy Dresses & Leggings - BlackMilk *Every item from blackmilk is an eyecandy, i'll start a collection as soon as i have a job ♥

2. One year membership for the Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts

3. Decoden Case for my iPhone

4. Film for my Polaroid - Impossible

5. British Vogue magazine subscription

6. Midnight Navy Disco Pants - American Apparel*
*I have them in black, bought them at an American Apparel warehouse sale, with other items :)

7. Orgasm Blush - Nars*
*Uncle bought it for me, i'll do a review on it soon

8. Dramatically different moisturizing lotion - Clinique*
*Yay I have it now, i'll do a review on it too                                                            

9. Cute wedges - Jeffrey Campbell

10. The coolest roller skates ever - Moxi Ivy

11. Chloe perfume, I almost finished my sample :(

12. Peach Passion lipstick - Yves Saint Laurent

Its very fun to dream, haha.

Now, the Halloween costumes ideas. I dressed up as Alice In Wonderland last year, brunette version ;).
hahaha my face is p.r.i.c.e.l.e.s.s
Close-up of my makeup; fake eyelashes, gold glitter, lots of blush! *Cellphone quality, oops :3.
This year I exactly know how to dress up but its a surprise! If you need any inspiration, here are some ideas for you cuties;

Heidi Klum as Shiva, now that's a totally rad costume!
Comic Book Character! So cute & Creative. Tutorial here
Kim Kardashian as Wonder Woman 
Holly Madison as Tinkerbell, aw
I'll try to write another post before Halloween, if I can't, I wish you guys a very Happy Halloween. Have fun & be safe ♥. 


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

byebye summer

I've been so busy, my summer vacations are almost over and i'm already starting school in a week ;[. I haven't been allot on my computer so I didn't have lots of time to blog, there's just so many things to do! Oh well I had lots of fun and i'm ready to focus on my studies now.I've shopped for school supplies and bought some cute little pencil cases that i can colour on! I was browsing for some backpacks a moment ago and wanted to share what i found with you guys!

  • 1. It has this cute little vintage touch that makes it so lovely.  60$ @ Shopcarrot
  • 2. The vibrant red & the gold zippers complement perfectly. 50$ @ Herschel
  • 3. Psychedelic much :3? 92$ @ Vera Bradley
  • 4. The price makes it even more gorgeous than it already is :( I can't find the exact price of it but i know its in the 600$ @ MCM
  • 5. This is for the tie-dye lovers! Approximately 400$ @ Porter 
  • 6. HELLO KITTYYYY ♥ 36$ @ Pickyourshoes 
Yeah, some of them are quite expensive but they're still stunning.

My little sister took some pictures of myself and they turned out quite well i must say :3. I love my dress, yay for peter pan collars! Lookbook users can hype my look :)

And finally, this is a cute small candy heart to all of you sweet readers ♥


Monday, June 20, 2011

the prettiest dresses are worn to be taken off

Many of you must know who Jean Paul Gaultier is. He is a high couture french fashion designer for those who may not know. Rihanna has worn a dress by him recently to the Grammy Awards which looks very nice on her, don't you agree?

Anyhow, there's a Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition at Montreal in the Museum of Fine Arts. Who's the lucky girl who may go this Thursday? Me! Sadly, pictures cannot be taken in a museum but i will do my best to write a resume about what fascinated me and what didn't that much, hehe.


Friday, June 10, 2011

but you and me, we're just crazy

Yesterday i've been watching Peter Pan (Shh, i had a crush on him when i was younger, hahaha). I found a link where there's a list full of Disney movies that you can watch on youtube ; here. Watching these movies again make me so nostalgic, i'm sure they'll have the same effect on you!

A few weeks ago, while walking to a little chinese restaurant, some cute pins caught my attention 

Also did this book with a lovely and naughty cover. They say that you shouldn't judge a book by its cover but i must say this book seems quite interesting, don't you think?

Arriving at the restaurant, i had some Chow Mein which was very good and Ali had some fried rice, yum!!!
Isn't my fortune message adorable :)? It is very right, i may know many people but there's only a few, which are my friends, that i know i can really count on. I love all of them. Specially my best friends who are Maya and Ali. I've known Maya since we both were 8 years old, i still remember the first day I met her, haha ♥. Ali, that special guy is also my boyfriend, the relationship we have is extraordinary ♥.

Finally, this is the outfit i wore that day. I know we can't see my head, oopsi haha.This also was at the library :).


Heather Loreto

Monday, June 6, 2011

stay wild and free

I've been very busy with school these days, finals are coming. Today i've had 2 exams, one in sciences and one in maths. They both went very well, since i studied ha :). I can't wait for school to finish & finally have a gorgeous summer without any stress due to school!!

 Other than that, i received the Jeffrey Campbell's Lita in black suede that my baby Ali got me ♥
I love how comfortable they are, how easy they are to walk in, (Many people ask me how can i actually walk in them, the heels are about 13cm if i'm not wrong) how they can make any outfit look amazing, everything is just so wow about them. I'm absolutely enamoured with these.

haha :3

 I've also been to this frozen yogurt place called yeh! yesterday. That place is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. You serve yourself choosing your yogurt first and then you can add as many as toppings as you want, which are fruits, candy, seeds, cookies, etc. Oh and the price is determined by the weight of your cup.

The top one is my sister's, the one on the left my mother's and the other one, mine, of course :).
yummm *excuse my undone nails >.<
If you haven't been to this place i recommend all the yogurt/candy lovers to go there :)! You'll love it! 

Heather Loreto

Sunday, May 29, 2011

everything needs a beginning

Hello world :)!

If you're reading this, chances are that you know me (or kind of know me, haha). If not, you will!
I've decided to start a blog to share my style, inspirations, thoughts, document the things i do, places i go, things i see, anything really. This blog won't focus on one thing only. You will mostly see posts about my outfits, diy things, food, reviews, music and many other stuff.

-Heather Loreto