Monday, June 6, 2011

stay wild and free

I've been very busy with school these days, finals are coming. Today i've had 2 exams, one in sciences and one in maths. They both went very well, since i studied ha :). I can't wait for school to finish & finally have a gorgeous summer without any stress due to school!!

 Other than that, i received the Jeffrey Campbell's Lita in black suede that my baby Ali got me ♥
I love how comfortable they are, how easy they are to walk in, (Many people ask me how can i actually walk in them, the heels are about 13cm if i'm not wrong) how they can make any outfit look amazing, everything is just so wow about them. I'm absolutely enamoured with these.

haha :3

 I've also been to this frozen yogurt place called yeh! yesterday. That place is a.m.a.z.i.n.g. You serve yourself choosing your yogurt first and then you can add as many as toppings as you want, which are fruits, candy, seeds, cookies, etc. Oh and the price is determined by the weight of your cup.

The top one is my sister's, the one on the left my mother's and the other one, mine, of course :).
yummm *excuse my undone nails >.<
If you haven't been to this place i recommend all the yogurt/candy lovers to go there :)! You'll love it! 

Heather Loreto

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