Tuesday, August 23, 2011

byebye summer

I've been so busy, my summer vacations are almost over and i'm already starting school in a week ;[. I haven't been allot on my computer so I didn't have lots of time to blog, there's just so many things to do! Oh well I had lots of fun and i'm ready to focus on my studies now.I've shopped for school supplies and bought some cute little pencil cases that i can colour on! I was browsing for some backpacks a moment ago and wanted to share what i found with you guys!

  • 1. It has this cute little vintage touch that makes it so lovely.  60$ @ Shopcarrot
  • 2. The vibrant red & the gold zippers complement perfectly. 50$ @ Herschel
  • 3. Psychedelic much :3? 92$ @ Vera Bradley
  • 4. The price makes it even more gorgeous than it already is :( I can't find the exact price of it but i know its in the 600$ @ MCM
  • 5. This is for the tie-dye lovers! Approximately 400$ @ Porter 
  • 6. HELLO KITTYYYY ♥ 36$ @ Pickyourshoes 
Yeah, some of them are quite expensive but they're still stunning.

My little sister took some pictures of myself and they turned out quite well i must say :3. I love my dress, yay for peter pan collars! Lookbook users can hype my look :)

And finally, this is a cute small candy heart to all of you sweet readers ♥