Sunday, September 25, 2011

Say Please

I can't wait for October. The fall, the crispy leaves all over the ground, cute sweaters, Halloween (omgomgfreecandy&coolcostumes) and my BIRTHDAY which is the 14th are a few of the things i am impatiently waiting for!

I made a birthday wishlist this year, something i have never done before. I wonder why, its so much fun doing one :D. So yeah, i'll show you guys the things that are on my wishlist;

1. Galaxy Dresses & Leggings - BlackMilk *Every item from blackmilk is an eyecandy, i'll start a collection as soon as i have a job ♥

2. One year membership for the Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts

3. Decoden Case for my iPhone

4. Film for my Polaroid - Impossible

5. British Vogue magazine subscription

6. Midnight Navy Disco Pants - American Apparel*
*I have them in black, bought them at an American Apparel warehouse sale, with other items :)

7. Orgasm Blush - Nars*
*Uncle bought it for me, i'll do a review on it soon

8. Dramatically different moisturizing lotion - Clinique*
*Yay I have it now, i'll do a review on it too                                                            

9. Cute wedges - Jeffrey Campbell

10. The coolest roller skates ever - Moxi Ivy

11. Chloe perfume, I almost finished my sample :(

12. Peach Passion lipstick - Yves Saint Laurent

Its very fun to dream, haha.

Now, the Halloween costumes ideas. I dressed up as Alice In Wonderland last year, brunette version ;).
hahaha my face is p.r.i.c.e.l.e.s.s
Close-up of my makeup; fake eyelashes, gold glitter, lots of blush! *Cellphone quality, oops :3.
This year I exactly know how to dress up but its a surprise! If you need any inspiration, here are some ideas for you cuties;

Heidi Klum as Shiva, now that's a totally rad costume!
Comic Book Character! So cute & Creative. Tutorial here
Kim Kardashian as Wonder Woman 
Holly Madison as Tinkerbell, aw
I'll try to write another post before Halloween, if I can't, I wish you guys a very Happy Halloween. Have fun & be safe ♥. 


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